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Rereading Brings Me Back to My Senses

November 28, 2011

Boy, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

After Jeff and I slowly recovered from the plague, I kind of drifted into a state of deep home repair ennui (there were other kinds of ennui, too, like blogging ennui and washing my face ennui). I fixed a couple of things, some more things fell apart (curse you, bathroom door), but mostly I’ve been studying as I am sadly doing the semester of school thing again. It’s pretty much all I can do to maintain my grades, sleep enough, and do what my therapist calls, “self-care.” Basically, doing things that make me not insane. Aka, avoiding house projects.

But, because I have a sickness, my thoughts occasionally creep back towards the direction of Fixing Up the Old Place. For example, I’ve been noticing an awful lot that my kitchen island sucks dirty balls. I think someone, somewhere, decided that putting regular cupboards on the floor and laying a slab of counter on top would do for an island. The result is an island that doesn’t hold shit and only comes up to the bottom of my hip.

It has also come to my attention that my counter tops are really ugly. Wood printed vinyl. With chips in it. And scratches, because since I hate these counters, I should just use them as a cutting board, amirite?

“Surely you can do something about this, right Kim?” says my insanity.

And I was really thinking, hmmm, sure…it can’t be that hard to rip out the old island, pop in a new one, and hey, fuck it, let’s casually replace the counter tops.

Then I reread my blog and now I’m not doing any of that.

The End.


Okay, okay, I’m still thinking about it. I’m just thinking about doing it later, and with more planning, and maybe hiring someone to do it. Now that it’s written for the internet, it’ll happen.


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