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I was good for a day

August 17, 2011

My vacation was wonderful. Jeff and I stayed in the Bahamas for 7 nights, and were mildly to heavily intoxicated for much of that time. Mostly thanks to the Daiquiri Shack:

And also thanks to the fact that liquor is like half price over there. Beer, not so much. Shoot me the day I spend $30 on a twelve pack of anything.

I got a very nice tan, very badly bitten by some sort of insect (I’m not sure it was mosquitos, as most of the bites took place in bed and the less I think about that the better), and very, very well rested. It was a great break, totally worth the five pounds I gained.

Upon coming home, however, Jeff and I were both struck down with plague. Actual plague. I’m scientifically stating this. Ok, maybe you shouldn’t take that seriously because I don’t even play a doctor on TV, but we’re both on antibiotics now and I blame the grubby children coughing with their grubby mouths all over the grubby plane.

I have a project to show you, once I regain enough strength to take pictures of it and then edit them and post them. All of that sounds exhausting right now as it’s all I can do to push my meth-grade Sudafed out of its tinfoil so such things as voluntarily picking up a heavy camera are kind of on hold.

Here’s another picture of our fun on the island.


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