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Shower Walls, Before and After

July 29, 2011

Note: Old draft! Publishing hella late!


Shower walls, before:

Look at this, this shit is PURE GLAMOUR. Don’t you wish you could teleport yourself over the internets and let Calgon take you away?

Here’s a close up of the old shower head. I like how the wall behind it looks like a cystic pimple.

These are the old tub fixtures, encased in a crust of lime and god knows what else. My guess: calcified plague.

Shower walls, after:

SO much nicer. And lookie, new fixtures that will be easy to clean without the need for a small pickaxe. I feel like I could rub my finger down the monitor and hear the tile sqeek. I did a mental booty dance every time I take a shower now. I’m not coordinated enough to do an actual booty dance while showering.

Here is a close up of the new, not tumerous shower head.

Yes, a shower head that looks like it will actually help make you cleaner, as opposed to raining wall-piss down on you!


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