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Medicine Cabinet and Vanity, Before and After

July 29, 2011

Note: this is an old draft I meant to post. Whoops.

Depressing. That’s the only word that really fits this decorating “scheme.”

What you are looking at is a painted over medicine cabinet and fan cover, and a vanity with the same prone-to-lime-crust taps as the bath. Oh, and check out that vinyl base trim. It was painted over, as well.

One more:

That light fixture used to be white, I believe, but over time it became sort of a dusty mustard color. GREAT for putting make up on. And the medicine cabinet doesn’t look dated at all. There were black stains coming through the mirror, which was glued onto the wall. I guess people didn’t believe in drywall anchors.

Vanity and all, after:

Brand new cabinet, vanity, mirror, and light! I resused the towel holder and toilet roll holder.

Vent, during:

Even though there wasn’t a true “before” picture of the vent, I’ve included the after because this little thing was a bitch to install. I had to draw a plan. Srsly. It’s sitting pretty now, and it vents pretty well.

Vent, after:

The finish on the walls really pleased me. So smooth…so not covered in 6 layers of paint…


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