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Bathroom Floor, Before and After

July 29, 2011

Note: Even though I sold the shithole old place, I still have drafts I meant to publish before life got hectic. Here’s one.

Most of the pictures regarding the bathroom are mostly of the, “in progress” sort, along with some after shots. So I thought I’d compose a whole “before, during, and after” series to really convey the amount of change the bathroom has gone through. Because it’s SO MUCH CHANGE. Then I’ll do another post of before, during, and after shots of yours truly so you can see how I changed from an optimistic, happy person to the angry and suspicious twat drizzle that is now posting home renovation screeds for your reading pleasure.

Bathroom floor, before:

That’s not a golden glow about the bathroom, it’s the urine-colored mist of hate and venom that my brain produced whenever I had to look at this ugly ass, decaying, jagged edged peel and stick tile. I call the pattern, “Barf Strata,” because it looks like so many layers of old vomit.

Bathroom floor, during:

I went over the entire nightmarish process of ripping out the old floor and putting in the new here. Sometimes I go back and read it just to remind myself that it really happened, and it’s not a particularly vivid stess dream.

Bathroom floor, after:

And then Handel’s “Messiah,” played every time I look at this floor.


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