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A Bathtub I’d Actually Bathe In!

July 29, 2011

Hey all! Sorry for the longer than usual absence, I have been busy cleaning the house (new rule, BOYFRIEND. No more cleaning tools in the kitchen unless you are also going to stay and scrub the sink and floor), and doing little odds and ends that had been put off for too long. Stuff like ignoring my broken dishwasher and the camera. I also took a whole weekend to celebrate Jeff’s birthday (and do some rad antique shopping with girlfriends). It’s kind of how I thought more of my summer vacation from school would be like, rather than the willing slavery I seemed to have put myself in over the past couple months. Yeah, only a little bitter.

So, my bathtub had definitely seen better days. And recently, it had seen much better days. We maybe were kind of  using it as a trashcan for a while. I mean, it was crap even before I started tossing nails and broken tiles in it, but after everything else, it was like, some sort of Super Crap.

Seriously, look at this. Sorry for the phone pictures, but I think the grainieness really captures how fuck ugly this thing was.

Pitted, stained, highly reminiscent of an elderly dock whore’s dual entries of income. I’m talking about her pooper and vajay.

Oh yeah…it almost looks like that drain is festering. It’s like, Lovecraft had a tub like this and it inspired his vision of Tsathoggua. I’m saying it was unclean in every sense of the word.

Note: I never, ever have taken a bath the entire time I’ve lived here. Looking at it now, I kind of wish I’d been wearing shower sandals as well.

The first company I sent the pictures to for a quote quoted me $700 to reglaze everything and caulk up the tub. I laughed and was like, oh yeah? What a coincidence, I also like $700! No.

The second company came in at a much more reasonable $485 for the exact same thing and I couldn’t be happier:

It fucking sparkles! And it was $35 less than quoted because the drain cover they use didn’t fit. NATURALLY. No big, I bought a new overflow for like $12 and that was that.

You wanna know the irony? Now the tub is so clean looking I don’t want to take a bath in it.


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  1. Dave permalink

    Looking good!

  2. Had no idea reglazing was *that* expensive; but, totally worth it because the tub does look great!

  3. Thanks, y’all 🙂

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