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Painting Cabinets

July 18, 2011
This is an old, old project from back when I first bought my condo. My flickr account tells me this picture was taken sometime in the fall of 2008.


Brown, greasy, dark. Three words that describe me in high school, and these cabinets. I think they sealed the m using maple syrup. I couldn’t complain too much, since my options for buying a place were either crackhouses, or slightly more expensive whore houses. Still, it seemed to me that it was quite a shame that the rather cool looking brick wall was blending in with such gnarly, dated cabinets. And the “wood” countertops weren’t helping the overall effect, either. It looked like a kitchen in some serial killer’s hunting cabin. All that was missing were suspicious rust-colored stains and bits of hair caught on the splinters. I was pretty sure I’d find a dead hooker in the dishwasher. Because that’s my understanding of where murderers keep their victims/trophies.

You guys, I seriously love paint (when it’s done right. Not like how the previous owners, aka, Satan’s Handymen, painted over everything.). I love it. It makes so many bad things go away.

I removed the doors, sanded everything enough to give the primer something to grip onto, primed with 2 coats, and painted with 2 coats of special cabinet paint. I’m pretty sure you could get away with using normal paint, as long as you get a brand with good adhesion qualities. Myself, if I see something marketed with a specific purpose, that’s what I use. Will I wash my hands with water, or with fancy ass Hand Washing Water? You guess.

I used a roller brush to achieve a smooth finish, and a regular brush to get into the angles. 2 days later, I had this:

Fresh and clean! No dead hookers!

 So much better. My future plans for the kitchen include new countertops, a new paint job, some sort of new floor treatment, and a nicer light fixture. But, uh, not anytime soon. Mainly because I, and my bank account, might be scarred for life by the bathroom, and the dishwasher decided to break down the other night and will likely need to be replaced. Sigh.

Oh, a few other updates since this picture was taken are new faceplates for the switches and outlets, and a new fan cover (the old one was painted over [naturally] and caked in grease). I also fixed up the fridge, more on that soon.

Of course you all know this is a procrastination post while I finish the trim that I keep saying I will finish but lo, it is not finished.


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