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A new fan, only slightly hitchy!

July 15, 2011

The fan I used to have in the living room was a nondescript (so nondescript I actually don’t have a picture of it) white fan without a light. So for 3 years now, my light sources have been the dining room light, or this glaring task light that is good for blinding people during interrogations. I knew I needed a fan with a light fixture in it, and behold, now I have one.

Excuse the lens flare, this was taken at about 10:30 at night because the extremely clear instructions and highly detailed schematic had me working on this for 3 and a half hours. Like, I couldn’t figure out how the blades went in and I totally had to text Jeff to let him know how developmentally challenged the fan is, only to realize that maybe I shouldn’t be pointing my fingers at the fan. Now I point two thumbs at myself.

And that white thing by the TV is a door. You know, just cuz it’s cool to have a door propped up next to the TV.

Of course, nothing can be perfect ever, so in addition to the new fan, I have a new little project to do someday.

Yay, another too-large hole in the ceiling! And a black and white Photoshop effect because this picture came out blue and I’m too lazy to do such intense things as, I dunno, snap another picture.

And now that I’m sitting in my living room with all the lights off but the one in the fan, I realize that it’s not so much a “see clearly” light, as it is a, “bow chicka wow wow,” mood light. Thanks to the dimmer in the remote, I can go from, “are you cute? Eh, I can’t see anyway,” to “Hey, I could read large print books, if I wanted to.”

I’m still keeping the task light just in case anyone has information I need and they’re not quite willing yet to give it up.


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