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New pictures! And a lot of works I did.

July 13, 2011

I have just been really busy. Finishing up the little odds and ends in the bathroom involves a lot of time working on numerous Pains in My Ass. Pains that have to be done and redone, so it’s like, ass pain SQUARED. And y’all, I am so, so tired. I am worn down to the soul. I got in a fight with a miter kit last night. A real fight, with angry accusations and then the silent treatment. And I think the miter kit won.

Warning: this is a long post because I did a lot of work in one week (being a shitty craftsman is a full time job, yo). It’s also full of complaining and not too much funny because I’m nearing the end of this bullshit and my sense of humor is almost completely gone. This bathroom has changed who I am, profoundly

First, I fixed the jacked up paint around the ceiling. I achieved this by sticking painters tape about 1/4 inch below the ceiling line, priming it with 3 coats, and then painting. When I took the paint off, naturally, I saw that the paint had bled through and that meant ANOTHER round of maneuvering around the bathroom on a tall ladder while avoiding the hot like fire work lamp in the middle of the room. I used a Crayola craft brush, I shit you not. But it worked, and now the ceiling and walls look kind of respectable and slightly less like an impressionist painting. Moral of this story: use painters tape 1/4 inch from the ceiling the first time around. This will come in handy when I NEVER PAINT AGAIN FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

Are you happy now, paint? ARE YOU? FUCKING HAPPY?

I also sealed the grout on both the floor and the walls. The walls weren’t so bad, since the sealer came in a little applicator. Except, I have no sense and I left the drips of sealer on the walls like they would just disappear or something. HAHAHA. Note: I am not really laughing. This wasn’t too bad to recover from, however, it just took a bottle of Soft Scrub and an hour or so to remove. It was still tiring, because I had to curse like a sailor with Tourettes the entire time. You don’t realize how much energy that really takes, man.

Yay, no more streaks!

Sealing the floor…was horrible. I think it took me about 3 hours, if not more. So, in my mind, white grout + heavy traffic area = FUTURE CLEANING INSANITY. Right? So what could make more sense than sealing the grout with colored sealer? Well, let me tell you what they don’t tell you in the instructions or on the internet. The instructions tell you to drop a “bead” in the center and work it around with a toothbrush, being careful not to let it pool on the tile. Now imagine yourself pouring out an open bottle of Elmer’s glue, with no applicator tip, onto a seam about 1/8 of an inch thick. I’m saying it is not easy. So after doing that for a bit, I decided that an easier method would be to pour some sealer in a dish (actually a Fage yogurt container lid, hooray for recycling!), dip my brush in it, and scrub it into the grout. Since the sealer goes all over the place no matter which way you apply it, go the smarter route and avoid trying to drip the shit directly where it needs to go.

Here’s where sealing the floor becomes a nightmare. So that sealer that gets everywhere? You have to wipe it up. So I armed myself with a sponge, a bucket of water, and a roll of paper towels. The sealer dried like, almost the second I applied it, so I had to scrub. And scrub. And scrub some more. I’m actually not really “done” with this, but I figure when I go through and deep clean one more time I’ll take care the little splotches that are stuck here and there. For now, having spent 3+ hours on grout sealing is enough for me. If I could do it all over again, I would have used tinted grout to begin with, and a clear sealer to finish. Once more, this will come in handy NEVER AGAIN.

All that work for something that's mostly covered by a fucking rug. WHERE IS JUSTICE?

Since then, it’s all kind of been a blur. Highlights and brief commentary:

Super cleaned bathtub and installed shower fixtures: The tub really needed a cleaning, since it’s been used as a trashcan for about a month. The shower fixtures weren’t too much of a pain to install, except for the slip on faucet that kept dripping. Plumbers putty AND tape put an end to that drip, and left me feeling like a genius.

I love you, showerhead, and your neat little tile hole you spring from.

Installed medicine cabinet: Required a trip to the big orange store for heavy duty (75 pound) drywall anchors and screws. The doors will need to be futzed with later, but it’s up and I’ve been hitting my head on it a lot. Jeff didn’t like how I was doing the doors, so I laid on the floor and twitched for a while and he did it himself.

Installed light fixture: Had to call Jeff to ask him which color wires to use since the way I installed it had the fan turning on instead of the light. I know, hilarity. He had been napping, so it was basically us repeating the colors of the wires over and over again for 20 minutes until he regained enough consciousness to tell me to attach the black wires to the red ones.  It works now.

Installed the vanity: This is actually kind of partially done. Everything is in, sink, taps, etc., however the drain is slow and prone to leaking when the taps are on full blast. I’m meditating on what to do about this problem. By, “meditating,” I mean, “ignoring.”

Installed mirror: I totally HAD a mirror, you guys, but it ended up looking rather stupid in the bathroom. So I bought a new one. It went up without a hitch which is kind of miraculous given how things go around here.

Installed the towel rack: GOD, IKEA, WHY DO YOU SUCK SO MUCH. Basically, everything in this towel rack is adjustable and had to be readjusted to install. I do not love it, but it holds the towel up and matches the shower rod which brings me to…

Shower rod installation: Spring loaded = SATAN’S POGO STICK. It’s up. I no longer care about it.

And finally, installing the trim: SOMEONE cut the trim for the door wrong twice, then maybe I bought the wrong kind of trim a few times, then SOMEONE told me to buy the wrong trim, then I finally bought the right trim and cut it up and installed it. That’s when I got in the fight with the miter kit. I am debating putting the trim around the tub in before the refinisher comes, or waiting until the tub is sprayed.

It is a real room now, guys. I shower in it and everything.

Essentially, the only things left to complete now are the baseboards (quarter rounds and painting), fixing the plumbing, and getting the tub refinished. Oh, the refinisher wants $700. Incidentally, I also want $700, which means I will probably not go with this first quote. And cleaning. Tons of cleaning. I have vacuumed maybe 300 pounds of dust and debris, and gone through a box of Swiffer. And there’s still plenty of dust around.

I need sleep.


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  1. Susan permalink

    You are a remodeling goddess.

  2. I’m certainly impressed that you have accomplished all that work despite the frustration. Keep trucking, the top of the hill is somewhere.

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