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I Had a Cool Light Fixture

June 16, 2011

In the beginning, there was this:

It looks like it smells bad

I know, who’d want to get rid of this straight up piece of art, but I had a vision and speckle-painted leaves didn’t have a place in it (side note: ew, god, I forgot about those nasty vertical blinds back there). My very first project in this place was replacing this light fixture, and this marks the exact time I learned that the previous owners loved to glue shit together. They seriously glued that ugly-ass light to the ceiling. Why. Why would someone do that. I still ask these questions, but I have long since learned I will never get an answer other than, “Because they are inbred shitheels.”

I peeled the old fixture off as carefully as I could, but I still had a nice big hole left around the new fixture.

So, ever toss a hotdog down a hallway?

I patched it up eventually, but I did a poor job of it because I seriously did/do not understand how joint compound works. After living with it for a while, and eventually learning what “sanding” is, I decided that enough was enough and I was going to smooth the ceiling out or die trying.

Well, I wasn’t the one who died. Let’s have a moment of silence for Minut, may it find peace wherever IKEA products go when they break.

Ever gasp the word, “fuck?”

Luckily, I had a failed lighting project happen in the bedroom, and I kept the fixture from that. It’s not as exciting as Minut, but you can’t see the bumpy ceiling patch and it sheds light so I have no fucks to give about it.

Eh, it’ll do

The next time I find myself in a lighting department, I’m sure I’ll pick up something cool. In the mean time, El Cheapo de Home Depot will be doing just fine.


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